Who we are

We are a production and trading company, which profits from successful activities of former research institute founded in 1948. We have staff of 300 employers in six divisions with various focuses. It is oriented especially on the foreign markets in the field of special metallurgical manufacturing and supply of automating technologies for this industry. However, the products and services of VÚHŽ more often find their use also in the engineering, power and automobile industry.


The automation division works at R&D, manufacturing, testing and project processing for new or modernized continual castings. Furthermore, it ensures the commissioning of these products at the customer’s premises, technical support, repairs and service. The automation offers also other products which are related to the level measurement in continual castings. The division employs 45 experienced workers in total, thanks to which the VÚHŽ measurementhas become synonymous with the mold level measurement in crystallizer on slab continuous castings. The automation has been gradually expanding its portfolio of products based on the R&D outcomes of the division.


The rolling mill division works at manufacturing of special hot-rolled steel sections with high dimensional accuracy. These sections are used as semiproducts for further machining or shaping. The prevailing part of the production is from structural and carbon steel. The remaining part is from alloy, free cutting and stainless steel. The rolling mill with the annual capacity of 8000 tons employs 50 workers in total inmanual and technical positions. It focuses primarily on supplies of rolled sections for automobile industry.


The foundry division works at manufacturing of casts by the technology of centrifugal casting from cast iron, steel and alloyed materials including double-layer casting. Among the current main production assortment belong primarily chrome steel casts, reduction and sizing rolls, food and feed processing industry rolls and cylinder liners. Annual production of the foundry is about 2000 tons. It employs 30 workers in total. Final machining as well as possible surface machining of casts are done by other VÚHŽ departments – Tool Shop and Coating Centre.


The tool shop division works at manufacturing of precise tools and machine parts. However, it is also able to supply technological equipment as single-purpose machines according to the customer’s drawing documentation or its own construction. The tool shop also offers the services of reverse engineering and mold repairs. The division employs 50 qualified employees in total. It provides services to other VÚHŽ divisions as well (casts machining, cylinder calibration, manufacturing of sensor bodies, etc.).


The coating centre's activities are mainly focused on coating, polishing, nitriding and on tool production (in cooperation with the division of Tool shop). PVD, PACVD and CVD are available to provide a comprehensive coating service. These technologies make it possible to meet customer requirements from many sectors - not only industry but also healthcare or food industry. Due to the structure and equipment of VÚHŽ, the Coating centre provides its customers also services in the field of production, repair of tools and molds and, last but not least, measuring and analysis.


Testing laboratories are accredited in accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, are members of the SČZL. They provide reliable services in the field of material analysis, testing and certification of metallurgical products type 3.2 according to EN 10208. They deal with materials, corrosion and process engineering, these activities are both routine and expert in nature, including R & D projects. It also offers a certified PEO anodizing of Al and Mg alloys and anodization of titanium and its alloys according to AMS 2488 for medical devices and the aerospace industry.