It is possible to economically substitute many sections manufactured so far by welding, joining, machining, casting, or otherwise by special rolled sections.

Benefits of rolled profiles

  • due to the fact that form of section is near the final shape of thecomponent, it is possible to eliminate or to substantially reduce expensive working of components
  • special section is always sized in such a way that its materialrequirements and therefore its mass are limited
  • he good metallurgical structure homogeneity in the transversal section of the rolled product is also very beneficial
  • a higher utilisation of metallic materials will be achieved
  • a substantial reduction of working time or complete elimination ofmachining
  • lower expenses for machining tools (extension of their servicelife)
  • reduction of products mass by optimal design of their components
  • improvement of a complex of mechanical properties of sections by controlled rolling
  • increased precision of dimensions and better surface quality of rolled products in comparison with castings and forgings
  • a substantially lower kilogram price in comparison with precisioncastings

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