Metallographic laboratory

Metallographic laboratory performs partial and complex evaluation of material characteristics, it enables proposals of use of optimal materials and technologies, proposal of substitutes of materials, determination of causes of short service life of machine parts, determination of metallurgical causes of rejects and low quality products, proposals and verifications of new technologies and recommendations of remedy actions.

Main activities of laboratory:

  • Realisation of expert evaluations, preparation of reports and provision of services in the field of structural characteristics and physical properties of metallic materials
  • Evaluation of surface quality, defects, fractures, corrosion, macro-structures, welds and weld joints, internal defects of products and materials
  • Optical macroscopy and microscopy (evaluation of structural states, character of processing of products, influences of environment, quality of surface treatment, thickness of coatings, evaluation of micro-purity of materials, internal defects, shares and types of structural components)
  • Non-destructive testing (non-destructive testing of material– replicas)
  • Scanning electron microscope (evaluation of surfaces, fractures and structures of materials)
  • Electron micro-analysis EDX (chemical analysis of particles, phases, surfaces, layers, evaluation of particles from the size of 1 µm)