Chemical laboratory

The laboratory offers a broad portfolio of basic and special analyses and tests of various types of materials carried out according to standard methods and also developed special procedures.

The radioisotopes laboratory offers measurements of radioactivity and provision of a whole variety of services in the field of applications of ionising radiation and protection against radiation. The activities are focused on the following.

Main activities of laboratory:

  • qualitative and quantitative analyses of unalloyed and alloyed steels, including analyses of alloys based on non-ferrous metals (such as Al, Cu, Ni, Ti, Ta…) – chemical and spectrometric methods
  • determination of contents of C, S, N, O, H by analysers, particularly in metallic materials
  • chemical phase analysis of metallic materials (isolation, separation, analyses of minority phases, balance of elements), determination of free nitrogen in steels by method of high-temperature hydrogen extraction
  • analysis of waste, leaches, surface and waste water
  • chemical analysis of coatings and surface layers by profile analysis GDOS
  • analysis of conductive and non- conductive surfaces with use of scanning electron microscope, including determination of their structure
  • analyses of ores, sinters, dust and slags, metal-bearing waste and charge materials, evaluation of their metallurgical properties
  • regeneration of anhydrone