Milling rolls

The milling rolls are used for milling and grinding of corn, coffee, rice, spices and other food raw materials.

Double layer execution

External working layer is made of special chilled cast iron with the guarantee of required hardness and thickness of this layer.

Internal layer is made of grey cast iron to ensure good machinability.

Basic dimensional line: diameters from 180mm to 300mm

Basic methods of machining:

  • rough turned bodies of rolls
  • rough turned bodies of rolls with pressed-on necks
  • complete ground rolls
  • complete ground rolls with chamfers at both ends
  • completegrooved rolls
  • includingholes for cooling

Standard volumes of supplies:

  • trial supply of 2 to 10 pieces
  • one-off supplies from 50 to 100 pieces
  • financially advantageous long-term contracts

Delivery terms: beginning from EXW VÚHŽ up to DDU customer according to the Incoterms 2010.

Quality guarantee:

  • whole process is controlled and monitored
  • chemical and mechanical qualities checks
  • dimension and tolerance checks
  • accredited laboratories and testing rooms are part of the VÚHŽ

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